Night 4

Ok night 4 of “Where is Alexandra Sleeping Tonight??!” Starring a lovable, feisty, intelligent 3.5 yr old, 2 exhausted parents, and a sweet brother who goes right to sleep at 7:15pm.

Can you spot her???

Yep! She’s under the blanket on the FLOOR with her right foot sticking out. Ha!IMG_4662.JPG


Night 3

IMG_4653.JPGAlexandra been up since 4am. She made me move her chair that makes shadows. Went back to sleep briefly. Then cuddled with me on the couch from 5-5:45am. Sent her back to her room. Now she’s redecorating, which includes moving her mattress to the other side of the room.

Comical…. but when will this end???!!!

Update on Night 2

For those of you anxiously waiting the continuation of “Alexandra Goes to Bed”, you missed the 2:30a update where she was “scared of pandas” in her room. Then at 7:15a the chair’s “shadow looked like a cat,” which was an obvious problem.

Today we bought a dream catcher on the advice of Grandma Sandy, moved the chair to the perfect position thanks to Grandma Deborah, and used some calming oil on her feet thanks to Christina.

She fell asleep at 8:22pm. See proof below. Coincidence, I think not. 😂

Stay tuned tomorrow to find out what happens next….

Night 2

Need a laugh? A second in a series we call: Preventing bad dreams by sleeping on the floor with the lights on wearing blue crocs. That won’t fit in the caption, so let’s call it “3.5 Makes Sense.” 😂IMG_4611.JPG

Open Letter to the Rude Lady at the Local Gift Shop

Dear Rude Lady at the Local Gift Shop,

“Those buggies won’t fit in here,” was your way of saying we do not want a group of nicely behaved infants and their mommies shopping at our store.  We might have bought something,  One of the mommies actually had planned on buying something.  I know your store is not meant for kids.  I know you do not want 3 year olds running around touching glass plates.  However at 2:30 pm on a Tuesday in our family community, who do you think is shopping??? Do you think we do not know how to push strollers? When you mess with a small group of mommies in a small town, you have messed with the wrong people.



Baby A’s Mommy


What do you all think?  Should a shop owner of a gift shop that SELLS several baby items among other things make a group of mommies feel as though we are not welcome.  Opinions please.


Holiday Photos!

I just used Groupon this past weekend and got a great deal in my area for a 2 hour photo session for $100 that includes 10 pictures on CD and an 11X14 print!  I just saw 3 sneak peek pics and WOW!  They came out great.

So excited because so many photographer won’t give you the pictures on CD or charge $300!!

Mommy tip: Use GROUPON for pics!